Online IT Degree: Another Kind of Networking

Online IT Degree

As technology continues to play an increasingly meaningful role in all aspects of our lives, the need is growing for qualified professionals who can help manage the systems that make those technologies work. One of the most rapidly expanding fields is network systems and data communications analysis.

These experts analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems, such as local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet. It is their job to perform network modeling, conduct research, and provide recommendations in regard to network and data communications hardware and software.

If you possess an affinity and aptitude for computers, now might be the time to enter this burgeoning profession by obtaining an online IT degree.

Online IT Degree Career Opportunities

Despite your current level of experience or education, there are online IT degree programs designed to meet your needs. From the comfort of your home and on your own flexible schedule, you can pursue your AS, BS, MBA, MS or PhD degree, gaining the skills and knowledge to become an IT professional who can oversee an organization’s technological infrastructure.

Helping to ensure the maintenance and improvement in network and data communications efficiency and effectiveness is a vital task, and the financial rewards are commensurate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for network systems and data communications analysts is currently $73,250 per year. That number will likely grow in the coming years as the demand for such experts increases.

BLS has identified this field as the second-fastest growing through 2018, with a growth of 53.36% of positions available by 2018. When earning your information technology degree online, you can specialize in a number of areas within the broader scope of network systems and data communications analysis, including:

  • Business analysis
  • Computer science
  • Database administration
  • Information assurance and security
  • Information technology
  • Network architecture
  • Network engineering
  • Telecommunications

Earning Your Information Technology Degree Online

By pursuing an information technology degree online, you can choose among a number of online colleges that can help prepare you to enter into this diverse field. With a little research, it is possible to find an online IT degree program tailored to your own specific needs, allowing your education to fit into your lifestyle.

If you’re technologically inclined and highly self-motivated, with online learning, it has never been more convenient to pursue a degree in network systems and data communications analysis. Enroll in an online IT degree program today, and join one of the world’s fastest growing fields.