Online Education Guide
Online College Admissions Advice

Online College Advice: From Applications to Admissions

When applying to an online college, it can be a bewildering process. To help you more easily navigate the application hurdles, we’ve put together some step-by-step college advice that might assist you in moving forward with your application. Take Time to Make the Right Decision Our first piece of online education advice is to recommend […]

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Adults Going Back to School

Checklist for Adults Going Back to College

Are you thinking about pursuing higher education? In today’s economy, there are a significant number of adults going back to college, but if you’re considering making the commitment yourself, you need to be sure that it’s the right choice on a financial, emotional, and professional level. Below are a set of questions that you might […]

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Military Education Benefits

Utilizing Your Military Education Benefits

Individuals who have served in the armed forces, from active duty to retired, are eligible for military education benefits from the US government. Detailed information about these benefits can be found on the GI Bill website for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are looking to take the next step on your educational […]

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Online Schools Success Tips

Online Schools: 10 Tips for Success

The popularity of online schools has flourished in recent years as advances in technology have made it easier for students to attend classes. Growth in access to computers, combined with the flexibility of taking classes at online degree schools, have made these programs attractive to those seeking degrees or professional certification. Potential students find that […]

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Financing Your Online Education

Financing Your Online Education: FAFSA, Scholarships, and Student Loans for College

Although online learning cuts-down on the commuting costs of attending a brick-and-mortar school, it can still be expensive. Thankfully, you have many options to help finance your online education through grants, student loans for college, private independent scholarships, bank loans, military and corporate tuition benefits, and institutional assistance from your school. Take the First Step […]

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