Online Bachelor’s Degree

Online Bachelor's Degree

Generally, the bachelor’s degree is recognized worldwide as the first university degree you earn. Although students enrolled full-time can earn the degree in four years, many take up to six years to earn the required 120 to 135 credits. Due to its flexibility, the online bachelor’s degree can be a very useful alternative to traditional classroom learning for those individuals that are already in the workforce.

Convenient course scheduling is one of the main benefits of online bachelor’s degree programs. Additionally, as online education continues to grow, many colleges are now offering online options, allowing you to attend a variety of different schools without having to relocate.

Although some individuals still have concerns about the legitimacy of online degrees, online education has become a popular and respected learning format. Furthermore, learning online does not require special technical skills or any fancy equipment, aside from a reliable computer and fast Internet connection, which many students already possess.

Earning a BA Degree Online vs. a BS Degree Online

For most online universities and colleges, the four-year course of study that leads to a bachelor’s degree consists of concentrated work in a major, such as psychology or business, and wide-ranging work in a variety of subjects, such as the liberal arts, to give students a broad foundation of knowledge.

The most common online bachelor’s degrees are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS), although there are many other titles. Whether you earn a BA or a BS will be determined by your major. BA degree online programs will typically involve majors in the arts, languages, and social sciences, whereas BS degree online programs will involve science, technology, and engineering majors.

Why Choose the Online Bachelor’s Degree?

Despite your responsibilities, earning an online bachelor’s degree on a part-time or full-time basis can still fit into your schedule. Whether you are a working adult or are raising a family, online degree programs are accessible for students of all ages—not just for the “traditional” college-aged student. The University of Phoenix, a widely-advertised online school, has an average student age of 35-37, and according to the US Census Bureau, thirty-eight percent of all college students are now 25 years or older.

Additionally, earning an online bachelor’s degree is a strong investment in your future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that a bachelor’s degree can increase your weekly earning potential 65% over just a high school diploma—adding up to a million dollars over your lifetime.

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