Online Degree Programs

Online Accounting Schools: Numbers Don’t Lie

Online Accounting Schools

Have you ever considered a career in accounting? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for accountants should be favorable. Employment for accountants is expected to grow 16% by 2020, creating 190,700 new jobs. Additionally, the median annual salary for accountants is reported to be $62,850. With the increasing prevalence of online accounting […]

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Online Automotive Technology Schools: Greasing the Wheels of Education

Online Automotive Technology Schools

If you’re fascinated by cars and have no qualms about getting your hands dirty, a career in automotive technology might be right for you. Automotive service technicians are in demand throughout the country and work in a variety of tech-related areas. Many people assume that online automotive technology schools don’t exist because it seems next […]

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Online Biomedical Engineering Schools: Combining Science with Creativity

Biomedical Engineering Schools

One of the most exciting and rapidly evolving fields is biomedical engineering. Integrating hard science and creative design, its practitioners innovate and develop devices and procedures aimed at addressing medical issues with high-tech solutions. If you have a passion for both medicine and engineering, an online biomedical engineering school might be a path for you […]

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Online Business Administration Schools: Taking Charge of Your Future

Online Business Administration Schools

If you want to continue your business education or change careers, but you’re working full-time or are busy raising a family, earning your business administration degree online might be just what you need to launch or advance your career in business. Depending on the level of degree you pursue, you could become a human resources […]

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Online Business Management Schools: Become the Boss of Your Education

Online Business Management Schools

Do you dream of leading an organization? Do you have strong interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills? Would you like to eliminate some of the scheduling inconvenience of attending class on campus? If so, earning a degree from an online business management school might be a good fit. In the business world, there’s a significant demand […]

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Online Computer Graphic Design Schools: Creating Your Own Brand of Education

Online Computer Graphic Design Schools

A graphic designer is an expert in visual communications. Graphic designers manipulate colors, images, and messages in order to create an aesthetically pleasing product, be it a poster, magazine cover, corporate logo or website. If you are artistically inclined but wonder how you would find the time to pursue a degree in graphic design, consider […]

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Online Beauty, Cosmetology, and Hair Schools: Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Online Cosmetology Schools

It is no secret that everyone wants to look their best, evident in the countless spas and beauty salons across the country. With people paying more attention than ever to their appearance and how well they age, highly trained cosmetologists are becoming increasingly in-demand. If you’ve ever considered a career in this field, online beauty, […]

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Online Criminal Justice Schools: Helping to Keep the World Safe

Online Criminal Justice Schools

Security and crime prevention have become increasingly important areas for technological and career development. Skilled criminal investigation professionals are in demand—not only in law enforcement, public safety, and corrections, but also in areas like fraud prevention and private investigation. If you have keen observational skills, an eye for detail, and the desire to help people, […]

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Chef School Online: Bringing Culinary Education to Aspiring Chefs Everywhere

Chef Schools Online

Students enrolled in chef school online typically already have formal postsecondary training in the culinary arts and are currently working in the field, but seek to advance their education and further their careers. Online chef courses allow you to enjoy the flexibility of studying from the comfort and convenience of your own home while holding […]

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Online Electrical Engineering Schools: Energizing Your Career Options

Online Electrical Engineering Schools

Pursuing a degree at an online electrical engineering school is an excellent way to gain fundamental knowledge of electricity and its practical applications. Engineering is a science and lends itself well to the use of computers, both in the learning phase and with the practical day-to-day work involved. The computer-oriented approach can now be taken […]

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Online Entrepreneurship Degree

Online Entrepreneurship Degree

Develop the entrepreneurial spirit and learn the skills needed to launch and run successful businesses by pursuing an online entrepreneurship degree. Online entrepreneurship courses prepare students for the rigors of planning, launching, and leading new businesses. Students who work full-time or have family responsibilities can balance coursework with their lives by pursuing their degree online. […]

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Surgical Tech Schools Online

Surgical Tech Schools Online

Surgical technologists, also known as operating room technicians, serve as assistants in surgical operations. Online surgical tech programs focus on preparing students to work in operating rooms under the supervision of surgeons and other healthcare professionals. Students learn how to hand different instruments to the surgeon in the correct manner and at the correct time. […]

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Online Legal Studies Degree: Enhancing Your Knowledge of the Law

Online Legal Studies Degree

Legal studies programs provide you with a solid foundation in legal theory and practice, introducing you to various fields of law. They are designed for students who want to learn about the law but not actually practice law. Earning an online legal studies degree allows you to fit college coursework into your busy life. The […]

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Online Human Resources Degree: How to Break into an HR Career

Online Human Resources Degree

An online human resources degree prepares you to manage and develop people in an organization. Areas of responsibility in human resources may include compensation, performance management, employee recruitment and selection, career support, and training and development. Nearly every organization needs human resources professionals. If you would like to contribute to the success and viability of […]

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Restaurant Management Degree Online

Restaurant Management Degree Online

Immerse yourself in the culinary world by pursuing a restaurant management degree online. Online restaurant management degree programs combine the teaching of business management with the culinary arts to prepare students to work as managers in the restaurant and hospitality industry. By giving students the flexibility to attend class and complete coursework on their schedule, […]

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Online HVAC Training: Heating up Your Job Opportunities

Online HVAC Training

In the majority of buildings in the developed world, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC / R) equipment is present in one form or another. The people who install, maintain, and repair this equipment are called HVAC / R technicians. Combining the skills of electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, and builders, they install ducts, pipe […]

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Online Exercise Science Degree: A Vital Part of Modern Healthcare

Online Exercise Science Degree

Ask most people what an athletic trainer does, and they’re likely to say that they help get you in shape and keep you fit. However, this is not completely accurate. Often confused with fitness trainers, athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of muscle and bone injuries and illnesses. Recognized by […]

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Online Hospitality Management Degree: Learn the Ropes of Hotel and Tourism Management

Online Hospitality Management Degree

The hospitality industry is enormous and offers an array of rewarding management positions at hotels, private clubs, restaurants, food service companies, resorts, cruise lines, casinos, and more. A rise in business travel and a growing interest in domestic and foreign tourism have increased the need for skilled hospitality managers. While a degree is not always […]

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Online Healthcare Administration Schools: Managing Your Education

Online Healthcare Administration Schools

Careers in healthcare span a wide range of occupations, and workers in a variety of specialties are in demand. Nearly half of the top 20 fastest growing occupations come from the healthcare sector. In fact, healthcare accounts for one-sixth of the US economy and is the largest industry in the nation today. With this rapid […]

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Online Pharmacy Schools: The Right Dose of Training for Your Pharmacy Career

Online Pharamcy Schools

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who dispense prescription medication and provide information about the medication to patients. Pharmacists help to ensure that patients use medications both safely and effectively. They typically work in healthcare facilities or retail drug stores. If you want to pursue a career in a field with excellent job prospects and are interested […]

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Earning a Secondary Education Degree Online: Inspiring the Citizens of Our Future

Secondary Education Degree Online

Being a secondary school teacher is a challenging yet fulfilling career that involves preparing middle and high schools students for life after graduation. Students in online secondary education programs participate in intensive studies, activities, and supervised teaching experiences, obtaining a broad general education and background in the foundations of secondary teaching. If you would like […]

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Elementary Education Degree Online: Developing Young Minds

Elementary Education Degree Online

It’s an old cliché but one that’s true—children are the future. Elementary school teachers are among our most valuable resources. Teaching students from kindergarten to 6th grade, they help children to learn and grow in their most formative years. If you love working with children and think that you might take satisfaction from helping young […]

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Online Radiology & Sonography Schools: Diagnosing Your Career

Online Radiology & Sonography Schools

There are a growing number of online radiology and sonography schools, which prepare students to work as radiologic technologists or diagnostic sonographers. Both professions use diagnostic equipment to help investigate medical conditions. However, while radiologic technologists use imaging equipment, which perform x-rays, MRI, and CT examinations, sonographers use equipment that directs sound waves resulting in […]

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Online Nursing Programs: Essential Healthcare Providers

Online Nursing Programs

Nursing is a highly admirable profession, with dedicated and compassionate practitioners who provide comfort and care to those most in need. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough nurses to meet healthcare demands. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, “The United States is projected to have a nursing shortage that is expected to […]

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Online Medical Office Schools: Behind the Scenes of Healthcare

Online Medical Office Schools

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly and qualified healthcare professionals are in constant demand. If you are interested in working in healthcare, but you would rather file papers and make phone calls than take a patient’s vital signs or give injections, perhaps a degree from an online medical office school would be right for you. […]

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Online Business Schools: Earn Your Place at the Top

Online Business Schools

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or you are yet to break into the business sector, an online business degree can prepare you to meet the challenges of today’s complex business world. The flexibility of pursuing a business degree online allows students to achieve their academic and career goals while keeping up with […]

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Online Electronics Degree: Wiring Your Future

Online Electronics Degree

When you think of electronics, you might envision computers, MP3 players, smart phones or any of the small personal equipment that have become prominent parts of the business world and our everyday lives. However, electronics is a much broader field that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components. Ever since the first transistor was […]

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Online Healthcare Degrees: Earn a Coveted Healthcare Degree from Home

Online Healthcare Degrees

Healthcare accounts for one-sixth of the US economy, and seven of the top twenty fastest growing occupations are in the healthcare sector. Attending a healthcare school is a great way to beef up your resume and widen your career prospects. If you want to further your healthcare education but do not have the time or […]

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Online Information Systems Schools: Computing Your Career Prospects

Online Information Systems Schools

If you want to pursue a role in the fast-growing field of information technology, look no further than information systems. Bridging the gap between computer science and business, information systems are concerned with the information that computer systems provide to help an organization define and reach its goals. Online information systems schools arm students with […]

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Online Medical Assistant Program vs. Online Physician Assistant Programs

Online Medical Assistant Programs

If you’ve always been interested in medicine but have not had the time, money or inclination to pursue a career as a physician, you can still become an integral member of a healthcare team. By utilizing the power of the Internet, education is now even more accessible than in previous years. There are a multitude […]

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Online Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance Schools: The Nuts and Bolts of Your Career

Online Motorcycle Repair Schools

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to attend a traditional campus program and spend years training in a workshop in order to learn about motorcycle repair. Combined with a hands-on internship or apprenticeship, an online motorcycle repair and maintenance degree will strive to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to […]

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Online IT Degree: Another Kind of Networking

Online IT Degree

As technology continues to play an increasingly meaningful role in all aspects of our lives, the need is growing for qualified professionals who can help manage the systems that make those technologies work. One of the most rapidly expanding fields is network systems and data communications analysis. These experts analyze, design, test, and evaluate network […]

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Online Software Engineering Degree: Helping to Shape the Future

Online Software Engineering Degree

Over the past few decades, computers have become an increasingly integral part of our lives. They are used in almost every context imaginable, from business to banking, to the cars we drive and the televisions we watch. As remarkable as computers are, they still require the help of people to design, implement, and maintain the […]

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Online Finance Degree: Investing in Your Academic Future

Online Finance Degree

A subfield of economics, finance is the practice of funds management. Making sound financial decisions is essential to the smooth and efficient operation of businesses and organizations. An online finance degree prepares you to work in various fields, including accounting, banking, financial planning, insurance, real estate, and tax preparation. Learn more about why earning a […]

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Online Marketing Degree: The 4 P’s of Business

Online Marketing Degree

Marketing is a constantly changing field that involves delivering promotional messages to consumers through print, television, radio, billboard, and online advertisements. However, marketing is not just about sales pitches and advertising. Marketing students also learn about statistics, market research, web analytics, and pricing strategies to help them measure and target their marketing efforts. If you […]

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Online Massage Therapy Schools: Kneading Your Way Into a Career

Online Massage Therapy Schools

Massage therapy is a flexible, rewarding career that improves people’s health and well-being. Because of the hands-on nature of massage therapy, it is essential to undergo supervised, in-person training in order to gain practical experience and qualify to sit for a certification exam. However, there are blended programs offered by online massage therapy schools, which […]

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Electrician Training Online: Wiring Your Future

Electrician Training Online

Training to be an electrician can be a rewarding endeavor. Online electrician courses allow you to work your way towards a career as an electrician while keeping your current job. At an online electrician school, students learn the technical, math, and scientific skills needed to work as electricians. If you do not want to give […]

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Medical Billing and Coding Schools Online: Coding Your Way to Success

Medical Billing Coding Schools Online

Health information technology is an expanding facet of the healthcare industry that is creating new job opportunities in the coming decade. Training students to understand medical codes and implement healthcare reimbursement procedures, online medical billing and coding programs prepare graduates for careers as medical billers and coders in a variety of healthcare settings. If you […]

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