Online Automotive Technology Schools: Greasing the Wheels of Education

Online Automotive Technology Schools

If you’re fascinated by cars and have no qualms about getting your hands dirty, a career in automotive technology might be right for you. Automotive service technicians are in demand throughout the country and work in a variety of tech-related areas. Many people assume that online automotive technology schools don’t exist because it seems next to impossible to learn how to fix a car while staring at a computer screen. However, thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to earn some or all of your automotive technology degree online.

Is an Online Automotive Technology Degree Right for You?

Online automotive technology programs are ideal for people who like to figure out how things work, enjoy tinkering, are curious, and are skilled at solving problems. Courses that you may be required to take include automotive repair, electronics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, English, and computers. Online automotive technology classes generally combine coursework with hands-on practice.

How to Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

It is ideal to take advantage of apprenticeship opportunities and on-the-job training in order to get as much valuable hands-on experience as possible. Keeping abreast of the latest technology is also critical because automotive technology is constantly changing. In this industry, you have to be committed to lifelong learning.

Not only should automotive service technicians hone their automotive repair skills, they should also develop strong reading and computer skills. Automotive service technicians have to read technical manuals regularly in order to keep-up with changes in technology. They also use computerized diagnostic testing devices frequently on the job, so computer skills are highly coveted by employers.

Job Opportunities for Online Automotive Technology Program Graduates

Contrary to popular belief, automotive technology careers aren’t limited to performing oil changes, replacing brake pads or rotating tires. After completing your online automotive technology training, you may work as a specialty shop technician, welder, emissions analyst, truck technician, parts specialist, race team technician, street rod builder, and much more. In addition to attending school, obtaining a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is recommended because it sets you apart from other job applicants.

In 2011, automotive service technicians earn median hourly wages of $17.29, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Automotive service technicians working with local governments earn the highest wages. At independent repair shops and automotive dealerships, many automotive service technicians also earn commissions that directly correlate with the labor costs customers are charged. Therefore, the more they work, the more they get paid. The employment of automotive service technicians will increase by approximately 17% from 2010 to 2020.

The job prospects for automotive service technicians with formal training are expected to be very good in coming years. With the right education, you could be working in an auto repair shop, automotive dealership or even your own auto repair business. Working hours for automotive service technicians are flexible and the job comes with varied responsibilities each day. Take steps towards a rewarding career in automotive technology by enrolling in an online automotive technology school today.