Purdue Offers 100% Online Master’s Degree

>Purdue University today unveiled their first fully online degree program. The decision to offer a 100 percent online Master of Science Education in Learning Design and Technology was driven by a drop in the amount of face-to-face applications which is putting the existence of some programs in peril, Tim Newby, education technology area convener, told the Purdue Exponent.

“There’s a lot of individuals out there who can use our area in various different organizations, but most of them are working full-time and they don’t have the capabilities of quitting their work and going to school face-to-face. In two years time, they can get their master’s degree while working full-time and they can be anywhere in the world doing it,” Newby said.

In addition to appealing to the need for more flexibility for professionals looking to continue their education without quitting their job, the article also points out that, for some students, the online master’s program will be less costly than a traditional degree.

According to James Lehman, associate dean for discovery and faculty development in the Collge of Education, in-state students will pay the same rate as if they were coming to campus. However, out-of-state and international students will pay a rate which is less than if they were taking the face-to-face program. This figure will sit somewhere between the traditional class’s out-of-state and in-state tuition rates.

Costs aside, Purdue’s movement towards offering more online education coincides with a significant rise in both the number of students that are enrolling in online education, which is growing ten times faster than overall enrollment, as well as the acceptance of online education by educators. For the full story, check out our previous articles on it here and here.