New York Times and USC Partner For Online Learning

New York Times and USC Partner

If you have a love of learning, then you need to hear this. The University of Southern California (USC) and the New York Times Knowledge Network are teaming up to provide an online higher education program for students seeking to further their lifelong educational and career goals. Launched in September 2007, the New York Times Knowledge Network was built on the mission of actively increasing enriching online adult and continuing education opportunities, often with the help of faculty and staff from various educational institutions.

Ultimately, this is a pretty interesting development. We’ve talked a little about the benefits of online education and how to evaluate online colleges before, but acceptance of online education by major institutions like USC and the New York Times is a wonderful step in the acceptance of virtual learning opportunities.

Through this new program the courses offered, beginning this fall, will cover instruction in the areas of global health, business and leadership, cinematic arts, writing and communication, arts and culture, architecture, journalism for high school students, American politics and executive education. This collaboration will allow USC faculty members to teach the courses with additional instruction from New York Times journalists.

“This is a truly innovative way to offer a comprehensive continuing education program that will feature a broad course catalogue and exceptional faculty. Together we will establish a global online resource for students who are interested in maximizing their education regardless of geographic location,” said Felice Nudelman, executive director, education, The New York Times Company.

With hopes of providing new and stimulating information through these opportunities, USC and the New York Times Knowledge Network will also launch this program internationally at the USCGlobal Conference in Hong Kong on October 13. As many USC alumni currently reside in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, this launch will allow them to learn more about the program, course offerings, and other such relevant information.

Classes are open to everyone, and can also be purchased by a school on behalf of their students.