Does Work Experience Trump a Four Year Degree?

Work Experience Over Four Year Degree

While many adults have been able to gain years of valuable work experience throughout their careers without having ever gone to college, in today’s unsteady economy, a number of mid-career professionals have found themselves out of work and looking for new employment.

Although it is possible to find a new job based off of work experience alone, it might be easier to do so if you also have a college degree on your resume. According to human resource expert Suzanne Lucas in her recent article on, “There are many jobs that you just cannot have if you don’t have a college degree. Some companies will automatically reject your resume, no matter how fabulous and relevant it is, if there isn’t that bachelor’s degree on there.”

Of course some companies will overlook the fact that an otherwise qualified candidate does not meet this requirement, but with many organizations you run the risk of being eliminated from the applicant pool straight-off. So, why chance it?

Should I Consider Going for an Online Degree?

There are definite benefits to online education. Schools which offer online degrees often cater to working adults. Not only will the faculty have experience working with adult students, online education affords a certain level of flexibility that is not always attainable through attending campus classes at scheduled times each week.

Some employers may not give an online degree the same weight as one that was earned at a traditional college, but if your online degree is earned at an accredited university, it might still be worth pursuing as a convenient means to achieving a college credential.

If you would like to learn more about online education, check out our article on online degrees vs. traditional degrees to help decide which is the right route for your particular situation.